Calgary Wine Kitz South

is now

The Vint Haus

It’s been a while, but just like wine, great things take time.  We have relocated our store to an all new, bigger, brighter, location near the First Alliance Church off Deerfoot and Barlow Trail SE. 

We are super excited to introduce our new location, filled with the same great Wine Kitz products and service as before, but now with some extra special features. 

In 2017, along with many other retailers in the province, we became heavily involved in the process of bringing Ferment-On-Premise (uBrew) into Alberta. If you aren’t already aware of uBrew, it’s a service that we now offer that allows you to make your Wine on-site in our facility. You are still intimately involved in the process, pitching yeast, and bottling; but now you don’t need to wash any equipment, worry about temperatures, or take up precious space at home.

Our professional bottle washer, fillers, corkers, and shrink top machines will have you in and out with 30 bottles of wine in less than an hour!  

Come see our spacious new show room and uBrew facility today

Interior of The Vint Haus store. Center table wine kit display with wine cellar and kits in background