Wedding Wine

4 wine glasses in a row. Red, white, red, white

It’s 2019 and you’re getting ready for your special day.  Did you know that in Alberta you can now serve your own bespoke custom wedding wine, labels, and bottles, made at a ferment on premise facility at your special event?

Making your own wine or been can seem like a daunting task, but at The Vint Haus, we take all of the complexity out of the process.  Our professional staff are here to help you craft your own bespoke wines for your very special day.  With recent changes by the AGLC to the special event license class, you are now able to save hundreds of dollars by providing your own wines and beers for special events.

Winemaking at our facility could not be simpler, or more professional.  Our newly built facility has top of the line equipment to make your craft wine experience a pleasant and memorable one.  We supply all of the equipment necessary to produce retail quality wines that you will be proud to share with your loved ones.

Visit us in store to discuss your event and needs, and we will work with you to select the best wine varietals to match with your wedding theme, and pair with your meal plan.  Once you have selected the wines you wish to serve, our staff will assist you to prepare your limited edition vintage.  Imagine your guests reactions when they see your bespoke wines waiting at their tables, with custom labels, color coordinated shrink tops, and lush, full-bodied, reds and whites ready for them to enjoy.

Store bought wines can cost an arm and a leg, and depending upon the size of your event, can account for a substantial portion of your wedding budget.  With ferment on premise wines, we craft exactly what you want for your guests at a fraction of the cost.  You are in full control of the style and color of bottle, what is on the label, how it is corked, the color of the shrink top, and most importantly, what is in the bottle.  Our products have won a countless number of awards in regional, national, and international competition against other vintners and even against store bought products.

Make your special day extra special

Ask us how you can save hundreds of dollars while wowing your guests with your own private reserve