Make Wine for Christmas Time

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Not every memorable experience needs to involve jumping from an airplane, or a hike to a far off paradise though. If you know someone loves Wine, Craft Beer, Cider, or even Kombucha, you can find 100s of unique and thoughtful Christmas gifts at The Vint Haus! 

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Hard to find that unique gift for someone special? What about for someone that “already has everything”?  Gift cards, especially when they’re thoughtfully chosen, are a great option!  But gift cards don’t have to be for things, gift cards are a great way to set someone up for an experience, perhaps something they wouldn’t have tried on their own.  The past few holiday seasons have seen a tremendous rise in experience gifts.  Rather than just buying that special person a new “thing”, giving them something they can actually do, experience, and savour, is a great way to create a memorable gift. 

Whether you’re looking to reconnect with Dad, or don’t know what to get your daughter-in-law, a uBrew experience at The Vint Haus is a great way to set up an hour of quality time to share with loved ones.  No arguments about who has to clean the equipment here!  And of course, the best part is you’ll have 28-30 bottles of amazing wine to share and help make every occasion a memorable experience.

uBrew with Us - Making Wine with us is Fun and Easy

Visit us in store and create your very own batch of wine, beer, cider, or mead.  We have the professional equipment, space, and know how to make your vint’ the talk of the party; go ahead, tell everyone how you made it!

You wont believe you made it yourself!  We even do custom labels to make your batch stand out even more.

  1. Pick your kit
    • Each kit makes 28-30x 750ml bottles!
  2. Start your batch in as little as 15 minutes
    • Simply mix the ingredients and,
    • Sprinkle the yeast
  3. We take care of
    • Cleaning
    • Testing
    • Clearing, and
    • Filtering
  4. Come back in as little as 4 weeks to bottle using our
    • Professional bottle fillers
    • Corkers, and
    • Shrink top machines

December Specials

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  • Receive $15 Extra on Gift Cards over $75
  • 10% off Passport Limited Edition Kits
  • 15% off Unique Giftware

*In-stock items only.  Sales may not be combined with any other offers.  Offers valid December 13-31, 2019 only.