uBrew Wine and Beer in Calgary, Alberta

Bill 6 Passed!

Late in 2018, Bill 6 passed into law and opened the door for ferment-on-premise (FOP) facilities in Alberta.  FOP, also referred to as u-Vint, u-Brew, in-store winemaking and beer making, or brew on premise, has been legal in many Canadian provinces for nearly 20 years.   Alberta lagged far behind provinces such as BC and Saskatchewan due to many factors, but after a long struggle, Albertans are now able to enjoy the same services as our provincial neighbours without having to cross any borders.  

At The Vint Haus, we have been one of those Albertan owned, home grown, small businesses; waiting for nearly 20 years to start making great wines and beers for Albertans.  At the end of 2018 we moved from our Wine Kitz Calgary South Fairmount Drive location to our new facility on 40th Street SE. 

Our uBrew fee is normally $59.95 but is currently $52.50 on promotion, and is the same regardless of the type of wine/beer/cider. 

Our kits range in price from $89.99 to $169.99 and cover nearly every varietal you can think of. 

Each kit makes ~30 bottles of wine (regardless of kit price), and take between 4-8 weeks depending upon the kit.  Our largest kits ($169) create wines comparable to a $30-$40 store bought bottle.  

You may bring your own bottles, or purchase bottles from us at bottling time as well. 

To start a batch you simply need to come to the store, select your kit, and pitch (sprinkle) the yeast.  In 4-8 weeks we will contact you to come back and complete the bottling process. 

Each uBrew fee includes the use of our equipment including pneumatic corkers, bottle fillers, and shrink topping machines.  

Making in store with us also allows you to serve your wines at private non-sale events, such as weddings, with the appropriate liquor license, and of course wines can be given away or consumed at any time for personal use.  


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